Amateur Jousting Club
of Maryland, Inc.


In August of 1958, it was realized by four very enthusiastic Jousters, that a Club had to be formed to encourage the Amateur Rider. With the fun of Jousting as its major foundation, John Billingslea, Pete Kahl, Bob Six, and Dick Slade, met at the Big Ol’White House in Fallston, Maryland to establish the ideas and plans of what was to become the Amateur Jousting Club of Maryland.

In the past 40 years of its existence, The Amateur Jousting Club has presented well over 650 Jousting Tournaments and Exhibitions throughout the State of Maryland. Over 600 members have joined our organization.

The Amateur Jousting Club of Maryland is deeply indebted to these four people, for not only giving us the opportunity to experience the fun of the Sport, but also for the many friendships we have established with our co-members and the spectators who have come to witness this Sport throughout these Past 40 Years!

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